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Liveable Literacy: Practical Money Knowledge You Can Use Today

April showers are bringing more than May flowers nowadays.

This month also brings financial literacy to the forefront of our lives with the establishment of Financial Literacy Month.

When many people think of “financial literacy,” kids come to mind. After all, kids are the future, right? Of course they are! But you are the future too! It’s equally important that you continue to educate yourself on money matters throughout your life.

What better way to do that than to start with the basics? We’ve hand-picked some content below that highlights major aspects of a successful financial plan:

Debt and Credit

Budgeting Basics

Teaching Kids About Money

How are you improving your financial knowledge and habits during Financial Literacy Month? Leave a comment below.

Video lessons

Your child can win in life and money. Check out our online courses!

In honor of National Financial Literacy Month, Dave is giving away over $5,000 in prizes to teachers and students. Enter to win for your school here!

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