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Investing & Retirement

Walking Across America: John and Wyn's Story

2 Minute Read

The month John and Wyn Ball became debt-free, former Air Force colonel John embarked on a 2,683-mile walking trip across the United States. But his adventure wasn’t about exercising or sight-seeing. John was on a fundraising mission to set up a scholarship at his alma mater, Texas A&M.

John’s journey from California to Florida was part of the retirement he and his wife Wyn dreamed about—traveling the world and giving generously.

“We were debt-free—we were millionaires by then,” John said. “And that just freed us up to really go out and live life the way we’d planned for a long time.”

Because John and Wyn were debt-free with a solid retirement savings, they were able to cash-flow the cost of John’s trek across America. This enabled them to give the entire $27,000 donations they received to establish the Walking Aggie Endowed Ring Scholarship.

Just what is the Walking Aggie Endowed Ring Scholarship? It’s a unique opportunity for John and Wyn to help some deserving students. Watch their story to learn more about how living debt-free has enabled them to live—and walk—like no one else!

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