Freedom to Dream: Blake & Courtney's Debt-Free Journey

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For Blake, Courtney, and their kids, “normal” is overrated. They’re living their dream of seeing the United States from an RV one campsite at a time.

“Six years ago, we were living ‘normal’ in a 3,000-square-foot home [with our] three car garage filled with cars,” Courtney says. After the birth of their two children, though, they just couldn’t keep up financially.

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Blake lost his job, and with Courtney as a stay-at-home mom, they went from one income to none. That’s when the young couple discovered Dave Ramsey.

“We took Financial Peace University at our church and haven’t looked back,” Courtney says. “Getting out of debt—this whole journey has given us the freedom to dream.”

Blake and Courtney once joked about downsizing to an RV while paying off their debt—then realized it was actually a good idea. Blake had the opportunity to work remotely, so the family sold their home and began the road trip of a lifetime.

“I can’t imagine trying to do this while still in debt,” Blake says. “The fact that we have [financial independence] makes it enjoyable.”

Watch their amazing story to see how Blake and Courtney endured a health scare, said goodbye to debt, and made their dream a reality.

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