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Business & Leadership

Leadership Insight: Jason Blake

2 Minute Read

Jason Blake
Associate Director of Sales, ELP Real Estate Services
Ramsey Solutions

Motivating your team may be the toughest and most important part of your role as a leader. Did you know unengaged workers cost American companies up to $550 billion per year? That's a lot of wasted money, and it's a big reason we focus on engaging our team members.

A recent survey found the top driver of job satisfaction is the chance to use skills and abilities, so we started challenging our teams to fully use theirs. If that's something you want to incorporate with your team, just be sure to not stretch them too far. And most importantly, make sure the challenge is genuine and fits your team so they'll be more likely to buy in.

Here are some different approaches to try:

  • Ask them to work on something they are unfamiliar with outside their regular skillset. By learning as they go, they'll be able to master new skills.
  • Sales stats are important and help fuel healthy competition. However, it’s good to remind your team that what you are selling is actually changing people's lives for the better.
  • Create a book of stories that tell how you changed someone's business or life with your product or service. See who has the most stories.
  • Reward your top salesperson in front of the rest of the team. They get the recognition they deserve, and it challenges everyone else to improve so they can be on top next time. Prizes don't have to be big or tied to compensation. Make it goofy and obscure, like a brass tiger trophy that gets passed to the "most ferocious team member" each month.

The Endorsed Local Providers program challenges your business and leadership skills while enabling you to serve people and change their lives. Are you ready for that challenge? Apply to become an ELP right now.

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