Leadership Insight: Cliff Neeley

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Cliff Neeley
Senior Director, ELP Sales
Ramsey Solutions

If you're working 80-hour weeks and always putting out little fires, then it's probably time to consider hiring an assistant. A good assistant is an essential resource—they can change your life!


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  • You'll never have to worry about scheduling again. A good assistant will handle scheduling requests so you can spend your time focused on clients.
  • You’ll have someone anticipate your needs before you even think about them. Meeting notes, follow-up emails and client paperwork—they're all ready to go.
  • You’ll stay focused on your priorities. Time is your most important asset, and a good assistant will help you manage it well. They’ll also take care of the little things, so you can focus on the money-making tasks.

The administrative assistants on the Endorsed Local Provider (ELP) team are the engine that keeps everyone organized, on track and focused on the right things. But what really sets them apart is their passion to serve our team and our ELPs with excellence. And that’s ultimately what we look for when hiring new team members—and potential ELPs.

Do you have a passion to serve others with excellence in your industry? Learn more about what it takes to become an ELP.

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