How to Lead Others to Financial Peace

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Are you one of the nearly 5 million people who have attended Financial Peace University? Have you kicked debt in the teeth and changed your family tree?

Maybe you’re on Baby Step 1...or 2...or 5. Your financial life is moving and shaking like never before. You’re less stressed. You’re more focused. You’ve got a plan!

Have you thought about sharing that plan with others?

Here’s the deal: Passing on our wisdom is the greatest gift we can give to someone else who is struggling like we once were. But sharing our wisdom usually means sharing our story—and our mistakes. Yikes. That can be scary!

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But if you can face the fear and lead a class, you can completely transform someone’s life. And that can be pretty life-changing for you, too, when you think about how good it feels to help someone else in such a profound way.

Did you catch that? You could change the course of someone else’s life and improve your own. That’s huge! And who knows what might happen next? You might be the reason Joe cuts up his credit cards. Then Joe shares his story with Breanne. Breanne decides to start saving for her son’s college education. Then her son avoids debt like the plague and the entire family legacy changes. Before you know it, this ripple effect could impact dozens—and maybe even hundreds—of people.

That’s a big deal!

And it’s possible, through financial education.

Ready to share your story with someone else and change their life? Consider becoming an FPU coordinatorHere’s how those coordinators use their own financial education to change lives.

1. They model FPU principles.

A coordinator’s most important role is simply leading by example. In other words, they take control of their own finances. Now, coordinators don’t necessarily have to be a picture of financial perfection or even be debt-free. Many are just beginning their own journeys to financial peace, and that’s okay!

Whatever a coordinator’s personal story around money, it’s valuable when they share it. Whether they’re in the weeds right alongside their class or they’ve made it to the other side and are an example of what’s possible, the important thing is that they’re living the principles themselves.

A coordinator’s personal money story matters! It helps them inspire and empower their class like only they can.

2. They encourage and guide.

Coordinators don’t teach FPU themselves (Dave Ramsey does that). But they do guide and support participants long after Dave’s teaching ends. Dave can’t be there to sit knee-to-knee with every participant, so coordinators take his place.

Coordinators offer their class members a listening ear and endless encouragement—which gives participants hope and affirmation that they can reach their money goals even in the middle of financial struggle. If you have a heart for serving others and you understand the transformational power of healthy finances, that’s some satisfying work!

There’s a practical side to that, too. Many people have questions about their own circumstances that Dave obviously isn’t there to address, so they look to their coordinator for the answers. Now, coordinators might not have all the answers, but they have lots of resources available to help find them.

A coordinator’s ability to both inspire and inform is the key to making sure their class members stick to their plans long after FPU ends!

3. They create a space to talk about money openly.

In most places, the topic of money is taboo. However, FPU coordinators communicate that it’s not only okay to talk about money, but also that financial education is the only way to learn how to manage it better.

Coordinators create a safe environment around the subject of money. They are approachable, trustworthy and honest about their own money journey, so class members know they won’t be judged or shamed when they share their own.

Coordinators are also a source of accountability for their class members, because they genuinely care about the people they’re helping. Participants know that people—their coordinator and probably their classmates, too—are counting on them to show up and do their part.

Coordinators matter! They really are superheroes, because life transformation through FPU wouldn’t happen without them.

If you’re ready to change others’ lives—and as a result, improve your own this year—be an FPU coordinator.

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