Kicking Off EntreLeadership in Cancun

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This week, some of Dave’s team is reporting live from the EntreLeadership Master Series in beautiful Cancun, Mexico to give you a behind-the-scenes take on what’s happening at this anticipated event. Marketing director Chris gives tells us some from his perspective.

What do you get when you throw together Dave Ramsey, almost 200 business leaders from across the country and one Category 2 hurricane in Cancun? EntreLeadership, of course!

This evening, after surviving winds, rain and air travel, business owners and leaders converged on the grand ballroom at the Paradisus Resort in Cancun to develop their leadership skills and start the process of transforming their businesses.


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The day ended with a wonderful meal and a late night of interacting with like-minded business professionals, Dave Ramsey and his team. But how did the day begin? you ask.

Well, Hurricane Ida had threatened to ruin the whole week, wrecking havoc on almost 90% of the flights, closing some airports, and promising to rain every day in Cancun. This was not the makings of the ultimate business conference. However, by noon the storm had moved faster and farther to the west, essentially missing us altogether. By the end of the day almost everyone had arrived and the sun was shining.

Maybe this is a metaphor for business: things are more dark and cloudy right now, but a few days immersed in EntreLeadership will hopefully change all things once again into sunny skies.

Dave explained that to be an EntreLeader, one needed to be both a leader and an entrepreneur. Having a team full of leaders or a team full entrepreneurs can be more of a challenge than most can handle, or for that matter, want. What one really needs is a mixture of these two qualities.

These are some words the attendees think describes a leader:

  • Vision
  • Discipline
  • Influence
  • Serious
  • Honest
  • Integrity
  • Listener

These are some words the attendees think describes an entrepreneur:

  • Strategic
  • Risk-Taker
  • Determined
  • Resourceful
  • Motivated
  • Learner
  • Bold
  • Maverick

What do you think describes a leader and enterpreneur? Leave a comment below!

By encouraging these traits in your team, you can develop the ideal situation your business to thrive. As Dave mentioned tonight, servant leadership is the only kind of leadership that ultimately works.

For example, while at the Cancun airport with over 150 attendees to transport to the resort, who stood in the heat, wind and rain? Not a volunteer or an administrative assistant, but Matt Woodburn, an Executive Vice President of the company. Servant leadership starts at the top.

Organizations are never limited by their opportunity, only by their leader.

Dave is also tackling the often overlooked subjects of goal setting, vision casting, communication, and personality styles of your team. If you have a team member you just don't understand—and even some days wish was gone—learning their personality style and how to communicate with them is a huge step forward in developing better communication personally and for your team, which we’ll learn more about later.

Stay tuned for more from Chris and the team and learn more about EntreLeadership now.

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