Keeping Your Kids From Becoming Summer Bums

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Kids will be kids, and during summer vacation that usually means lying around all day, eating junk food and playing video games. That may be fun to do, but doing it the entire summer and never working is a bad idea. Young people have a lot of free time over the next couple of months, so have them work and earn some money.


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"But Dave!"

You might be thinking, "Kids should get the chance to be kids and have fun during summer vacation. They won't get the chance to do that as adults, so they should enjoy it while they can." Come on! We're not talking boot camp here! There shouldn't be any 10-hour days. It's good for children and young adults to enjoy this time. We're talking about using this time to work for money, or work doing something they love so they can learn about it.

If they don't work or keep learning, they lose their edge. If summer for them consists of a steady dose of Doritos and television, then bad things happen. They miss out on great opportunities to earn money. They could get a head start on learning about something that could be their calling in life.

Giving the Best to Your Kids

The vast majority (70%) of Americans either live paycheck to paycheck, hate their job, or both. If your child learns how to handle money correctly now, their lives and relationships will be much less stressed. If they learn to work hard and pursue their dreams, they will find true contentment at an early age. If they do both, they will be unbelievably prosperous. Don't you want that for your children?

You truly love your kids, so give the best to them. That doesn't mean the best material possessions. That means teaching them how to do the best for themselves. If they don't work, they lose motivation. If you get used to lying around all day, it makes them not sharp. And don't forget—if they don't work, they'll complain to you about being bored all the time. Work is a great way to keep from being bored—and broke.

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