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The June Budget: Special Expenses for This Month

3 Minute Read

We can’t wait until June. The weather is warm, and that’s good enough for us. So let’s say it–summer is here!

Now before you break out the SPF 30 and start relaxing by the pool, remember that your money won’t be doing the same thing. Money is always on the move, and making a budget is as important in June as it is the other 11 months of the year.

It’s important to take a few minutes when making your spending plan for the next month to think of upcoming special expenses. The sooner you are aware, the better you can prepare.

So here are some ideas for expenses that can pop up in June. Remember these in your budget so you don’t go overboard:

Father’s Day: The other, smaller Mother’s Day. If you are planning to buy a present for Dad or contribute to a group gift, set the money aside first.

Higher utility and water bills: In the hot months, your A/C may have to work harder to cool the house, bringing a higher electric bill with it. If you have kids who want to run through the sprinkler or have water-balloon fights, your water bill may also rise.

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Swimming lessons: This is a good idea if you have young kids. Now is the time to get those classes scheduled so the water isn’t off-limits to them when you go on vacation.

Wedding season: According to the Real Weddings Study, June is historically the most popular month to get hitched. In 2012, 17% of all weddings took place in June. If you know someone who is tying the knot, a gift is a good idea. One that is budgeted for is even better. Check out items we think are great for newlyweds.

Gardening: People with a green thumb are out in full force, buying plants, equipment, mulch and other landscaping supplies for their yards. Are you one of them?

Summer can take you out of your normal routine. People go on vacations. Kids are out of school. You spend time having outdoor fun.

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When you are not in your routine, you forget to do things that you normally do, such as writing your purchases down in your checkbook or looking in your cash envelopes before spending. As we’ve all learned from past experiences, if you put off those small money tasks, they can come back to bite you big time.

So in addition to these special June expenses, don’t let the summer groove get your guard down. Stay vigilant and tell your money where to go!

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