July Social Media Month In Review

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July has been a fun month on Dave's social sites! Dave even gave fans a glimpse of one of his favorite summertime activities: skiing on the lake! Check out the highlights of posts you may have missed, and be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook if you aren't already.

Blake (Producer): How would you like to purchase something at a garage sale for $45 and then find out it's worth $200 million?! So you probably haven't had this happen to this degree, but do you have any good posts about finding some good bargains at a garage sale?

Dave: I am so proud of my wife Sharon. In such great shape and still learning at 50.


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Blake (Producer): Just had a family destroy their credit cards LIVE on air using a hatchet, then a chainsaw, followed by a gun as the grand finale! Now that's a fun Friday family activity.

Katie: In honor of our 50,000 Twitter fans, we have a GREAT pic of Dave & a very special guest!

Blake (Producer): If you're in debt, stop going out to eat! You shouldn't see the inside of a restaurant unless you're working there! - Dave Ramsey

Blake (Producer): Put a guitar, flip-cam, and creative folks together in Dave's office and anything can happen! Enjoy the "Summer Debt Song" created by designer Luke.

Blake (Producer): Blake: Check out this video of the new "Ask Dave" iPhone/iPad app!

Blake (Producer): 61% of those between the age of 44–75 said running out of money is their biggest fear in life compared to 39% who said death was scarier. (Allianz Survey) What do you fear more?

Steve: Dave's new iPhone app hits the #1 spot in iTunes' Finance category!

Blake: 77-year-old caller just found wife's $250k credit card debt. All from gambling. "We had fun doing it for awhile, then we both got addicted."

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