July Special Expenses: Don’t Blow Your Budget!

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On the Fourth of July, we celebrate our freedom. And what better way to put yourself on a path to freedom from debt than to make a budget!

Don’t laugh. Making a spending plan is key if you are going to get out of debt and save money. But just like Independence Day comes every year at the same time, there are always expenses that pop up regularly to blow up your budget like a big fireworks finale. So let’s be ready for it, shall we?

Here are some line items that could be budget-busters for the month of July if you forget about them:


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Fourth of July Party

It’s the day that the month—and the country—was built around. If you are planning to put some boom into the skies, then put some money for it into the budget.

Utility Bills

Chances are the A/C will work harder during this hot month. Be ready for a higher bill.

Spring/Summer Clothes on Sale

Those clearance tables near the front of the store should be stocked with clothes that the retailer is trying to get rid of. When you go shopping, make them the first place in the store you visit so you can score a deal.

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Christmas Savings

Christmas saving season is now past the halfway point. We’re less than six months away, so the sooner you start, the easier saving will be.

What might have an effect on your budget in July? The point is this: Spending just a few minutes looking ahead at the next month can literally save you money and peace of mind. It’s time well spent, and the results will, um, blow you away.

If you create and live on a budget, you’ll rarely have those unexpected budget busters. But if you do, you’ll be ready. If you don’t have one, start now. It’s never too late. A zero-based budget helps you name every dollar, coming in and going out. You are in control of your money. Dave’s free budget tool, EveryDollar, will have you up and running in minutes. Learn more about it now!

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