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Investing & Retirement

The Unexpected Millionaire: Juli's Story

1 Minute Read

It all began over 20 years ago when Juli and her husband, Mark, set their sights on becoming debt-free.

"We wanted our freedom more than we wanted any material thing," Juli said.

As a teenager, Juli lived in poverty and almost became homeless. It was Juli’s past that motivated them to take control of their finances as a couple. So they started to work hard, follow a budget, and make sacrifices to leave their debt behind for good.

But what happened next surprised them. Watch their incredible story to find out!

"I always thought I was a fake millionaire," Juli said. "We live on one income—there is no extravagance. And we even have beater cars!"

Juli and Mark are proof that anyone can become a millionaire—even you! You just have to be willing to follow a plan and make sacrifices.

Want more inspiring stories like Juli’s? Watch The Dave Ramsey Show to learn how you can become a millionaire too!

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