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Getting out of Debt

Bullets Couldn't Keep Judy From Paying Off $58K

1 Minute Read

Getting out of debt isn’t always easy. Just ask Judy.

She worked four different jobs over the course of four years to finally pay off $58,000 in debt. And if that wasn’t difficult enough, she had to deal with some crazy stuff in her personal life.

One night, while driving home from one of her side gigs, Judy realized someone was shooting at her. Later she discovered twelve bullet holes in her vehicle. Luckily, she wasn’t injured. But the experience shook her up pretty badly.

Plus, she now had car repairs to pay for on top of everything else.

“What gave me peace was that this is just part of my story,” she says. “Everyone has something that’s happened. [You have to ask yourself] how are you going to deal with it?”

Watch how Judy got plugged into Financial Peace University, stayed strong, and paid off her debt despite difficult circumstances.



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