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Investing & Retirement

From a Million in Debt to Millionaires!

2 Minute Read

In just seven years, Cricket and John powered through paying off more than $1 million in debt.

Cricket and John’s millionaire story began when Cricket invested heavily in “zero-down” real estate. Crushed under the constant weight of almost $800,000 in debt, she felt hopeless—until a coworker invited her to Financial Peace University.

“As a result of going, I got my hope back,” Cricket said. She worked more hours than ever before. Anything she earned above her basic essentials went toward debt.

By the time she and John met, she’d paid off more than $250,000 in debt, which was almost the same amount of debt John brought to the marriage. But they just kept working the Baby Steps together. They chose to live frugally by going on camping trips for weekend vacations, eating at home, and doing without cable.

“It was like a marathon,” Cricket says. “We kept on going and going, and one day, we looked up, and we were there.”

In exactly seven years, the couple paid off $1,014,000 in debt! Now, they’ve amassed a net worth of more than $1.7 million and are living their dream in a lake house big enough to host all their family members.

Follow John and Cricket’s lead—get started today with Financial Peace University and begin your journey to debt freedom!

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