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Turning Points

They Had Nothing to Lose – Except 141K of Debt

2 Minute Read

Jason and Amanda were living a "normal" life—complete with student loans, car loans, and using credit cards to make ends meet. They were living day to day and not thinking much about where their money was going.

"We didn’t really have a plan . . . or financial goals," Jason said.

So what changed? It was a simple suggestion from Jason’s mom that inspired them to think differently about their finances. Jason’s mom had recently gone through Financial Peace University aand offered to cover the cost for Jason and Amanda to take it.

"We tried to go in with an open mind," Amanda said. They thought the principles taught in FPU were good, but they were for other people—not them. They decided to jump on board and see what would happen.

"That for me was a turning point," Jason said. "This worked!"

Their debt snowball momentum inspired them to keep going to get out of debt.

"Once we saw it working, that was when the hope kicked in," Amanda said. Their hope powered them through the journey to pay off $141,000 in three and a half years!

"Now, we’re able to do anything we want to do," Amanda said.

Watch the rest of Jason and Amanda’s story of getting free from debt below:

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