January: Tweets You May Have Missed

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What’s all the buzz about? Oh, it’s Dave’s 33,000+ Twitter followers chatting about the latest tweets!

Blake Thompson, producer of The Dave Ramsey Show, and other team members love to share the latest news and pics via Twitter. If you missed us on Twitter this month, check out some of our favorite tweets and be sure to follow @ramseyshow so you don't miss anything in February!

  • Blake: It’s 3 weeks into the new year. Still have the same intense focus on achieving your goals? This is your official kick in the pants!
  • [from Haiti] Blake: On our way to deliver food to 100 starving in a church. No food/water since quake for some. Taking meds too.
  • [from Haiti] Blake: Woke up to my bunk being shaken pretty hard & the house I was in rattling! Ran to the door. Now THAT'LL WAKE YOU UP for the day!
  • Learn to derive happiness from the journey to wealth, not the appearance of wealth. – Thomas Stanley (Now that's good!)
  • In marriage there isn't "your money" & "my money." It's "our money." The preacher said "And now you are ONE"...not a joint venture!
  • Blake: DR will be on "Your World" w/ Cavuto on Fox News @ 4:40p ET talking about the plan to tax big banks live from #TDRS studio in TN.
  • RT @sarahreeves: Listening to the Dave Ramsey show. 1st time I've ever chose talk radio over music. Quite enlightening. You should try it.

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