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Leaving a Legacy

How One Teen’s Story Inspired Others to Give

1 Minute Read

Jake Bratkon was someone who loved cars and loved giving. Those two loves inspired Jake’s family to give in his memory after he died in a tragic car accident when he was 17 years old.

"He had a heart to serve in the mission field," says Jake’s father, Thomas, who went with Jake on one of his mission trips to the Dominican Republic. "He saw the struggles (of the children he was aiding), so he was passionate to help out, and we wanted to help out as well," Thomas says.

The Bratkon family began an annual car show in 2012 in their hometown of Holden, Massachusetts, to raise money for local and global missions. That first year, their goal was $5,000—until they found a piece of paper in Jake’s backpack that challenged them to raise even more.

Watch the full story of what Jake’s giving spirit inspired his family to do.

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