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Is Your Fitness Budget in Shape?

Most of us want to be healthy. We want to eat right and be in shape—not only for ourselves, but also for our families. The truth is that our intentions and our actions don’t always line up.

But part of your legacy is how well you take care of yourself. It’s not just how smart you are with money.

Taking control of your money and taking control of your body both require something many of us struggle with—discipline. Behavior modification works the same for both our money and our fitness. Cutting back on your spending and saving more is not a far cry from cutting back on your calories and sweating more. It’s a mental shift and a lifestyle change.

Hopefully Dave’s plan has inspired you to go after your money goals. So how do you find the motivation to lose that extra weight and get fit?

Here are four keys to achieving your fitness goals:

1. Believe You Can Do It
You’ve got to be confident that the work you put in is worth the effort.

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2. Take Baby Steps
We do 30 sit-ups and we’re disappointed we don’t have a six-pack. Focused intensity over time does it. If you’ve listened to Dave for any time, you’ve heard that one. Get your emotions involved. Get angry about it!

3. Log Your Workouts
It helps to see your progress over time on your computer or on paper even before seeing real progress in your body. Just like with budgeting, it usually takes a few times to get it right.

4. Know You Can Afford It
Gym memberships are crazy expensive. Facilities are also usually crowded, smell like your old high school coach’s office, and there’s always that one guy who’s more muscular than you. How do you avoid all that? Well, here’s a thought. Don’t work out in a gym. You can work out at home, a hotel, or practically anywhere.

We’ve Got a Solution

We recommend you try our friends at DailyBurn. This plan is affordable and fits with practically every budget. You can work out from home or whenever it’s convenient for you. DailyBurn features a variety of programs from standard cardio and strength building exercises to Tabata, interval training, yoga and more. Whether you are a beginner or you are looking for a challenge, DailyBurn offers workouts for all fitness levels.

DailyBurn’s videos feature elite trainers who know how to get the most out of your workouts. The workouts are simple and quick enough to work into your schedule every single day. There’s also a nutrition plan meant to maximize the effects of your workouts.

What Is DailyBurn?

DailyBurn offers fitness and nutrition plans online that you can access anytime, anywhere. For only $12.95 a month you get access to over 100 workout videos online from some of the country’s top trainers, including Bob Harper (fitness television star, three-time #1 New York Times best-selling author and celebrity trainer), Anja Garcia (a former elite level gymnast who specializes in sports drills and high intensity interval training), Ben Booker (an award-winning bodybuilder, fitness model and motivational speaker) and many more!

With DailyBurn you won’t get bored doing the same old workout for months on end. And DailyBurn works on all of your devices, including computer, smartphone, Tablet, Apple TV, Roku, PS3, Chromecast and Xbox. DailyBurn provides you with just the right workout schedule and nutrition plan to achieve your goals.

Sign up here and get the first 30 days free! 

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