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Investing & Retirement

How This Couple Saved Their Way to Millionaire Status

2 Minute Read

Mina and Irfan never had a problem making money. The problem arose when they decided to spend it. Early in their marriage they had a six-figure salary, but they were still living paycheck to paycheck.

Irfan moved from Pakistan to the United States in 1993 to get his master’s. He eventually met Mina, who graduated from Northwestern University in Chicago, and they got married.

After they started listening to The Dave Ramsey Show and reading his books, they got in sync about their money and started saving a large portion of their income. The couple saw their goal of becoming millionaires and living a comfortable retirement turn into a reality.

Irfan says their biggest obstacle was themselves. “You are your biggest hurdle. Seventy percent of America is living paycheck to paycheck. Unfortunately, that’s normal. As Dave Ramsey says, you’ve got to be comfortable becoming abnormal.”

“People buy stuff to get a kick out of it, and they’re losing money,” Irfan says. “If you can get a kick out of saving money, isn’t that a better kick?”

Find out more about Irfan and Mina’s story in our featured Millionaire Hour video:

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