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Interview Follow-Up Tips From Dave Ramsey's Human Resources Team

3 Minute Read

So you nailed the interview. Does that mean you are a lock for employment?

Not quite, says Dave Ramsey’s human resources director, Rick Perry. You can still make a good impression look bad if you are not careful. On the other hand, you can put some icing on the cake with good follow-up techniques.

“I like emails as interview follow-ups,” Rick says. “Just something simple that says thank you, along with a question or two that you might have. Once you’ve sent the email or handwritten letter, it’s good to give the human resources team a week to get back to you. Typically an employer is interviewing eight to 10 other people. If they haven’t followed up with you in that time, it’s fine to call them and follow up.”

Note that time frame—a week. Rick says more than once, a potential team member has interviewed in the morning and followed up with a phone call that afternoon.

“One candidate interviewed and then, for the next four days, repeatedly called to see if I was available. If I wasn’t, he would hang up without leaving a message and call right back. He’d do it again and again. That’s not persistent—that’s obnoxious,” Rick says.

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What if the company finishes the interview and gives you some paperwork to fill out or asks you to take a test online when you get home?

“If the company gives you something to do, do it and don’t wait,” Rick says. He tells of a personal experience when coming to work for Dave.

“I interviewed and told the vice president I would call back the next morning. Well, I got into something the next day and didn’t call until the afternoon. He asked where I had been. He said they almost moved on from me because I didn’t call in the morning like I said I would. If you say you’re going to do something to follow up, do it. If the company gives you something to do after the interview, do it just as they say.”

So what happens if you have done everything and get the dreaded “thanks, but no thanks” email or phone call?

How you respond to ‘no’ speaks volumes about you and can determine whether you get a shot at another position with the company. An applicant here applied and interviewed for two different positions. He didn’t get either after investing a lot of time and energy into the process. But he maintained a positive attitude through it all. Four months later, we hired him for another position here. Even today, he thinks the people selected for the other two spots are perfect for the positions.”

You might be wondering, These tips will work if I go to work for Dave, but what about other companies? Will they appreciate these things too?

“Being genuinely human, honest, patient and demonstrating a positive attitude through it all is applicable no matter where you go,” Rick says.

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