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Inspire Passion: Lead, Don't Manage

Inspirations for one's job and recognition for work well done are two of the most underrated and underutilized tools a leader has at his disposal. Remember, everyone is a leader. Everyone leads someone.

In study after study, the number one way to motivate your team is not money, but recognition. That's right. A simple "thank you" can help your bottom lineand it's cheaper. How many times have you personally wished your boss, spouse, or co-worker would simply say "great job" or "excellent work"? The best bosses know this; that's why they inspire you and instill the same passion.

Recognition doesn't have to be expensive, but it requires thought.

Try reading an email bragging on someone, celebrating their birthday or the birth of a child, announce the addition of a new client, or the fact that they can now use the copier successfully. Recognition raises your team up and shows them you value every single thing about them. Once they know this, inspiring them takes little effort because they believe you value what they bring to the table every day.

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Don't be the boss who says, "My team should just be happy they have jobs." It's no wonder this person's team won't stay late or come in early. Everyone who has the honor and privilege to lead should work tirelessly to build a team. That's right—a team, not employees. Employees come in late, leave early and most likely steal while they are there. When you have a team, you are united with one goal and striving every second not to let your teammates down. This is what turns you into a leader from a manager.

Colin Powell says, "Perpetual optimism is a force multiplier." So what are you waiting on? Inspire your team and those you love! I promise everyone will benefit.

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