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Leaving a Legacy

How You Can Make a Difference This Election Season

4 Minute Read

The polling places are open. Yard signs cover lawns. Primary results are all over the news. Comedy sketch shows are mocking the front-runners. Yep. It’s election season—and we want to talk about it.

Now, we’re not here to dig into the nitty-gritty of politics. We want to keep it pretty high level and focus on the numbers, pure and simple.

Here’s the deal: No matter where you stand when it comes to candidates or political parties, there’s no denying that when it comes to our national debt, the U.S. is in deep—$19 trillion deep, to be exact. The current federal budget is about $3.3 trillion each year, but the government spends $3.9 trillion.

No wonder Uncle Sam has put us into so much debt! That’s crazy!

Unfortunately, American families have some of those same spending habits. The average household income in the U.S. is about $55,000, but the average household also has about $96,000 in debt. Many of us are in over our heads. How can we expect the government to win with money if we won’t?

Time to Take Action

Now, we can’t do a ton to stop the government from going on spending sprees. We can do two things, though.

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First, we can vote for people who we think will make better money choices in the future. Even so, they probably won’t fix everything, though, because the government is never the answer to all of our problems.

But we can do one other thing. We can look in the mirror and start with ourselves. We have the power to fix our problems. That’s right. The solution starts with individuals and families.

We can look in the mirror and start with ourselves. We have the power to fix our problems.

The Difference One Family Can Make

Let’s look at an example of a fictional American family to see how that’s possible. Imagine this: John and Sherry are drowning in debt. They don’t live on a budget, they spend way more than they earn, and they’re broke. They rely on the government to help them make ends meet.

But then John and Sherry start taking control of their money. They make a budget, slash their spending, and start saving. Little by little they gain traction. Eventually, they don’t need the government’s help. They even have a little cash left over each month to help someone else in their community who was depending on the government too! They have the power to be generous, and all that money from the government can now be used for something else—maybe to pay down that national debt.

Even more amazing, John and Sherry’s kids won’t grow up struggling with money themselves, because their parents taught them how to be money smart. Their kids will become adults who also budget, save, spend wisely, and give. They’ll help someone else, and they’ll raise their kids to do the same. What a legacy!

Do you see how changing just one family’s household finances can snowball into something huge? Imagine the possibilities!

How You Can Change the Nation

If you’re reading this, maybe you’re already on that path. Maybe you and your family are doing your part by keeping your own spending in check, paying off your debt, saving cash, and building wealth.

But did you know you can also help other families do that too? You can help change the nation, one family at a time.

You can help change the nation,
one family at a time.

The answer lies in Financial Peace University (FPU), where many families can learn together how to take control of their finances. You can lead them by coordinating an FPU class.

We can change this nation, but it starts with each of us individually. It starts with you. You can help to begin to turn the tide toward fiscal responsibility, one family at a time.

So this election season, remember two things: First, go vote. Make your voice heard! And second, take the power into your own hands and consider coordinating FPU!

Interested in learning more about becoming an FPU coordinator? Whether you’re on Baby Step 1 or 7 or you’ve never taken FPU before, you can help people take control of their money. Start making a difference in your community with Financial Peace University today.