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How to Wreck Your Nest Egg at Retirement

As you run your final sprint toward the finish line of retirement, you may discover that for all your experience in running the race, you’re not sure what to do once the race is done.

Do You Need To Change Your Investments?

No. If you’ve invested in good mutual funds—divided equally between international, growth, growth and income, and aggressive growth funds—then leave your investments as they are. Average life expectancy after retirement is 15–20 years—long enough for your investments to continue building wealth for you and your heirs.

Even if your investments are going down, don’t worry. You have quality investments with long track records. They will come back—just like they did the last time you considered bailing.

Besides, you don’t need your whole nest egg at once. You just need some of the income from it. (See below.)

If you must make a change, you can invest less in your aggressive growth funds and more in balanced funds for a more conservative option.

How Can You Make Sure Your Retirement Funds Last?

As long as you didn’t take the ready-fire-aim approach to retirement planning, you should already know how to make retirement last. But, here’s a refresher:

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You’re going to keep your nest egg invested and averaging 12% growth. We’re estimating inflation at 4%. So, to maintain your nest egg and break even with inflation, you will live on 8% income from your nest egg. That means if you have a nest egg of $625,000, you will live on $50,000 per year: $625,000 x 8% (.08) = $50,000.

What About Giving and Leaving A Legacy For Your Family?

Most people who achieve financial success are givers, so you probably already know that giving is the most fun you’ll have with money. Now’s your chance to give like no one else, and there’s no shortage of opportunities. Start by tithing (or continuing to tithe) to your church, and then give where you’re led.

The Tip

There’s no need to overthink your retirement. If you’ve planned well and invested well, you’re now in a position to enjoy what you’ve worked for—even blessing others while you’re at it!

Want Expert Retirement Advice?

Talk with our investing Endorsed Local Providers. Our trusted professionals can help you set up or improve your current retirement plan.

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Build Long-Term Wealth

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Build Long-Term Wealth

Work with an investing pro and take control of your future.
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