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4 Ways You Can Use Technology to Teach Personal Finance

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There are a lot of digital resources that can transform a student’s knowledge and understanding of personal finance. But how do you know which ones you can trust, and how should you incorporate them into your classroom? To help, we pulled together a list of some of our favorite tools and resources by Ramsey Solutions that can help you teach personal finance in your classroom.

1. Budgeting Apps Turn Real Life Into Life-Changing Lessons

When most people think of apps, they think about how they can improve a particular area of their personal life. But some apps can be a great teaching tool for your classroom. For example, Katie is a Foundations in Personal Finance teacher in Ohio, and each year she has her students download EveryDollar, our free budgeting app. Then, in the month prior to homecoming and prom, she has her students use the app to record their spending and saving related to the big dance.

"During prom and homecoming, they use [EveryDollar] to keep track of their spending and what their parents spend on them to see if they could actually live on a part-time, minimum-wage budget. Each week they check in with me to see their progress, and at the end of the month, they write a reflective essay on what the challenges were, what they learned, and what surprised them with their spending."

See how a budgeting app can make a critical difference in helping students understand their personal finance habits? (And it didn’t even cost a dime!) What they learn about cash-flowing a dress or suit today could have a huge impact on how they handle money as adults.

2. Video Blogs Invite Your Students to Join the Conversation

With expanded access to experts online, you can easily supplement your syllabus with engaging (and free) video content.

Video blogs often show "real life" people and scenarios that your students can learn from. For example, check out this video blog where Ramsey Personality and youth expert Anthony ONeal has a conversation with two students who aimed to go to college debt-free. In the video, he unpacks how these recent high school graduates earned free tuition and even room and board! It is possible to go to college debt-free!

Videos like these can spark life-changing conversations with your students. Consider letting your students record their own two-minute video blogs about a particular personal finance topic, and then share them in front of the class.

3. Podcasts That Share the Truth About Money

Do you have auditory learners in your classroom? Try incorporating podcasts into your syllabus! Podcasts are free and can be an engaging way to let your students learn even more money wisdom. Consider playing episodes in the background during breaks or downtime or invite students to listen from home and then write a response about what they’ve learned.

For example, ask your students to write a short reflection on what they think it takes to become a millionaire. Then play a few of Dave Ramsey’s Millionaire Theme Hour clips from The Dave Ramsey Show. There, your students can learn what it takes to become a millionaire—from real millionaires. They will be shocked by the truth!

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4. Tools That Help Students Solve Money Problems

If you’ve ever taught personal finance and have come across a complex topic that isn’t sinking in for your students, you’ve probably searched the internet for a tool that can help. We have one that we’d like to share that can help your students grasp those confusing concepts. It’s called, and it’s a toolbox of handy solutions that our team put together for you and your students. One of the best parts? You can access anytime—for free!

Here are just a few of the topics covered:

  • Budgeting
  • Goal tracking
  • Comparing the cost of on- vs. off-campus living
  • Cost-of-living comparison

As you know, technology can be an incredible asset for your classroom. It puts an array of tools and media at your fingertips and allows you to reach your students with easy-to-understand lessons about personal finance. Best of all, because these resources are free, you can access them anytime, anywhere—and so can your students!

If you’re looking for more ways to use technology in your classroom, check out FoundationsDigital is a NEW digital platform designed with you in mind. The platform offers you incredible flexibility to create a unique digital classroom experience. Currently, the platform features our Foundations curricula that empowers students to make sound financial decisions for life!

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