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How This Couple Became Millionaires One Cappuccino at a Time

2 Minute Read

Larry and Dee are proof that good things can add up over time. Their combined household income was just under $40,000 when they got married. As time went by, they each received promotions. But Larry and Dee realized despite how well they thought they were doing, they were still living paycheck to paycheck.

“We were not focused particularly on any goal when we first started out,” Dee said. They thought they were living a “normal” life.

“We were still playing that game of credit cards, having debt building up, getting a car loan . . . like everyone else does,” Larry said.

They knew it was time to make a change.

Larry and Dee started to save just a little bit of extra money from each paycheck. That small amount of money built up over time and their consistent saving paid off. This Oregon couple didn’t inherit their wealth—they worked hard for every penny!

“If you can get in the mentality of building [wealth] slowly, quickly you will look behind and actually see that you are progressing,” said Larry.

Even though they are well-off, they still enjoy living a frugal life. Dee makes cappuccino at home every morning, which would cost them at least $4 a pop at a fancy coffee shop.

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“We’ve figured we’ve saved $20,000 over the last 10 years by having our own machine,” said Larry.

These millionaires live a life of enjoyment without excess. And it has seriously paid off! All it took was self-discipline and a commitment to save.

“The sky’s the limit,” Larry said. “It’s a possibility for everyone.”



For more stories of people just like you who worked to become millionaires, check out The Dave Ramsey Show.



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