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How to Attract Rock Stars Without Breaking the Bank

As social recruiting ambassador for Dave's web team, Erin Drury is responsible for attracting the best of the best for Dave's internet development efforts. But since techies across the country are in higher demand than sunscreen in Florida, it's not an easy feat.

In fact, that's why Erin was hired. Her leader, Jon Shearer, realized that the traditional industry methods of pummeling candidates with emails and phone calls weren't going to work.

"Most of the time, recruiters are more of a nuisance than anything, especially if someone already loves their job," Erin says. "They don't want people calling them all of the time and distracting them from the work they enjoy."

So how could Jon attract quality people while competing with thousands of companies? He and Erin came up with a number of unique ideas. Many of them can easily be tweaked to work for your small business too. Here's a sampling of their plan.

Develop With Purpose

The first step was to create a brand solely for recruiting. Develop With Purpose's goal is to let potential candidates know that working for Dave's company is anything but your average J-O-B.

Next, they developed a website. On it, visitors can learn about the company's culture and how they will be doing work that matters. There are stories on developers, a daily blog that's fun and newsy, and a list of job openings.

"Jon's idea was to tell the story of our awesome developers and share our incredible culture, knowing that those stories will attract people to work here," Erin says.

How It Can Work for You: Developing a website or a blog doesn't have to be incredibly complicated, time-consuming or expensive. There are several online companies that allow you to create your own in just a couple of hours. Keep copy short, to the point and fun. Encourage your staff to help too. And don't forget to sign up for web tracking, which will send you the email addresses of those who have visited.

Get Social

Facebook and Twitter have also played a big role. Team members are encouraged participate in social media, and comments and tweets are welcome. Erin takes a few minutes to post new material each day. She then follows up on those who have visited the pages. Once again, it's not in the typical fashion.

"We don't try to sell them," Erin says. "We simply try to add value to the ongoing conversation and let them know if they have any questions, we're here for them."

How It Can Work for You: Facebook and Twitter are free. Take just a few minutes to update them every day with fun or interesting content. You can also use other free programs like Google Analytics that allow you to track who is interested.

Since the inception of Develop With Purpose, Erin says there has been a spike in not only the number of candidates but also the quality. For the future, the team is going to broaden its efforts, including throwing a gaming party for job seekers to have fun and get to know more about the company.

"It's been great," Erin says. "We are getting the message out to the community about our culture and how awesome it is to work here."

This article originally appeared in the EntreLeadership Advisor, Dave Ramsey's business and leadership newsletter. Sign up now to get it delivered straight to your inbox twice a month.

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