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Personal Development

How Does Dave's ELP Program Work?

4 Minute Read

No doubt you’ve heard Dave mention his Endorsed Local Provider (ELP) program either on the radio, in an online article or maybe at a live event. Perhaps you’ve considered working with an ELP yourself but wondered what makes an ELP different from any other financial services or real estate professional.

Created to Fill a Need

The ELP program began in the early days of Dave’s radio show as a way to connect his listeners with financial and real estate professionals he could trust to provide excellent service. That is still the program’s goal today.

So why doesn’t Dave simply provide a list of the top financial or real estate professionals around the country? When the program first began, Dave quickly learned that without a system of checks and balances in place to hold ELPs accountable, the risk of someone providing poor service was just too great. Dave’s listeners want to work with experts who are trustworthy and have the heart of a teacher.  

ELPs Are Selected Carefully

To earn Dave’s endorsement, these experts must have the heart of a teacher. By that, Dave means that working with an ELP will be a learning experience. You’ll understand that investing strategy or that insurance policy or that home pricing strategy so you can decide if it’s the right or wrong choice for you.

Having the heart of a teacher also means that ELPs agree to work with clients who don’t have a lot of money to invest. ELPs focus on helping each client make the most of the money they have.

In short, your ELP’s goal is to give you the knowledge you need to make your own decisions—after all, it’s your money.

The process to become an ELP is extremely thorough. Once an agent or advisor’s application is submitted, Dave’s team reviews their business background. To be selected as an ELP candidate, our professionals must:

  • Have proper licensing and be in good standing with their respective regulatory agencies
  • Have experienced both challenging times as well as good times in their industries, giving them the knowledge to help their clients in any type of market
  • Plan to be in business long-term because they love what they do
  • Have the ability to super-serve all the customers who come to them through the ELP program
  • Have the heart of a teacher

Ensuring Excellent Service

To be part of the program, our financial ELPs pay a flat marketing/advertising fee. Our real estate ELPs pay a referral fee. This helps cover the costs for all the systems and supporting resources Dave has in place to inform his listeners about the ELP program, connect them with ELPs, and follow up on their experiences.

Dave has a dedicated team of 50 people who run the ELP program on a day-to-day basis. These team members maintain and ensure the quality and expansion of the program through customer service, technology, recruiting, training and marketing.

Each client has the opportunity to rate their experience with their ELP and provide feedback on the level of customer service they received. We remove any ELP whose service falls below the levels Dave has outlined. Even if a market has no other suitable applicants, Dave would rather have that market go without an ELP than send his listeners to the wrong person.

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How Can You Find Your ELP?

Dave is proud of how the ELP program has grown, and he’s proud that his ELPs help thousands of people nationwide each year buy or sell a home, save money on insurance, plan for retirement, and complete their taxes with confidence. Today, an overwhelming majority of our ELPs’ clients highly recommend the ELP service to their friends, and they often return to use the program for additional services.

Once you’ve decided you’re ready to work with an ELP, the process is simple. Choose a category and take a few seconds to provide us with some contact information. An expert Dave recommends in your area will contact you, usually the same day—sometimes within a few minutes!

Want to know who Dave recommends in your area? Find your ELP now!