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What Does the Housing Market Look Like Near You?

What Does the Housing Market Look Like Near You?

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After a few sizzling years in the housing market, the burner has been turned down a bit overall for 2019. The seller's market in 2017 was so hot, you could have fried an egg on the sidewalk. And if you were a buyer, you were lucky to find one of those eggs.  

Two years later, house prices are still increasing, but at a slower rate compared to the past few years. That’s good news for those looking to finally jump into the market! According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR) Confidence Index, overall home sales are predicted to flatten out in 2019, keeping the market simmering nicely.(1)

So, how confident can you feel about buying or selling a home in your area this year? Let’s take a closer look!

2019: A Good Market for Sellers and Buyers

It’s basically good news all around in the national housing market. It’s good for buyers because house prices aren’t going up at a steep rate they can’t keep up with. And it’s good for sellers because there’s a healthy group of buyers out there, looking to snap up a new home.

So what does the market look like near you? Take a look at the map below to find the market outlook in your neck of the woods:

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The USA 2019 Housing Market is Good for Buyers and Sellers

As you can see, it’s still hot in at least eight states (get out those eggs!), but things have shifted to stable in most of the rest of the country.  That’s still not bad!

Now, let’s get down to what we all want to know.

Exactly How Fast Are Houses Selling in 2019?

How long does it take to sell your home? At the start of 2019, houses were typically on the market for 49 days. That’s one more week than the 42-day average in January 2018.

In 2018, there was only a 1.5% drop in house sales compared to the previous year. And according to the people “in the know” at Fannie Mae’s Economic & Strategic Research Group, mortgage rates and home sales are expected to stabilize in 2019 as the economy slows down a bit in terms of growth.(2)  

Here’s a state-by-state breakdown so you can see how many days the typical home stayed on the market in your area in 2018.

Here's a state by state breakdown of how fast homes are selling

How Much Are House Prices Growing in 2019?

The NAR expects the national median existing-home price to rise to around $266,800 in 2019.(3) That’s up 3.1% from 2018. Going into 2020, they predict another rise to about $274,000 in the median home price.

So the idea of watching housing prices go through the roof, as in previous years, no longer applies. But prices will go up, just at a slower rate. And if you keep your home shipshape and in good condition, that’ll help even more!

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Okay, now let’s talk money. The median price is the name given to the midway point in a list of house prices. And in February 2019, the median price for a house was $249,500.(4)

Median House Prices by Region
Region Median Price February 2019
National $249,500
Northeast $272,900
Midwest $188,800
South $219,300
West $379,300

In the index below from the National Association of Realtors, a rating of 100 or above means that area is seeing high levels of house sales.(5)  

Housing Index by Region
Region Housing Index February 2019
National 101.9
Northeast 92.1
Midwest 93.2
South 121.8
West 87.5


The good news is the national index number is 101.9! And if you live in the South, the market is in great shape. Other regions' index levels are a bit lower, but they're still experiencing healthy house sales.

So What Does This Mean If You’re Looking to Buy in 2019?

There’s no time like the present. Income is rising faster than house prices, and if you put those together with low interest rates and a good supply of homes on the market, it’s good news for you if you want to buy a home.

The number of sellers out there isn’t as low has it has been in recent years—so, as a buyer, your choices won’t be as limited. And better yet, the prices of these homes are not predicted to go up as fast as in the past couple of years, which means there isn’t as big a risk of buyers being priced out of the market.

What Does This Mean If You’re Looking to Sell in 2019?

Sellers out there can feel pretty good about 2019 because there are still a lot of buyers in the market. There might not be as many competing for each house as there were in 2017, so don’t expect wildly high offers on your home. But have a trusted realtor price it to compete in your local housing market and you should have no problem with your home selling this year!

Have a Pro Help You Navigate Your Market

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Sell Your Biggest Investment with Little Stress.

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Sell Your Biggest Investment with Little Stress.

We know the experts near you who can help you have peace through the process.
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