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Hiring at Dave Ramsey's Company: 6 Ways to Stand Out

3 Minute Read

We want you to make this the year in which you find your dream job. We’ve created a four-part series that will help you leave your day job behind and land the job of your dreams this year. Read the previous articles here: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.

Considering we’ve been voted one of Nashville’s best places to work eight times, we have a lot of people who want to work for Dave Ramsey.

Dave’s organization is currently made up of more than 850 team members from all over the country, and we’re always on the lookout for new team members who are talented and passionate about our mission.

So how do you get hired at Dave’s company?

Here are six ways to make yourself stand out.

1. Have Experience With Us

In other words, make sure you know what we do and you’ve experienced it in some way. That could mean listening to Dave’s radio show, attending Financial Peace University (FPU) or an EntreLeadership event, listening to podcasts, or reading one of Dave’s many books. When you’ve at least read a book or listened to the show, we know you’re familiar with us on a deeper level than someone who just knows Dave as “the money guy.”

Ready to find your dream job? We'll show you how.

2. Be Passionate About What We Do

You might have listened to the radio show or been through FPU, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re passionate about our mission. Whether it’s money, relationships or career, our mission is to provide hope to people who need it. When you’re passionate about anything, you’ll stand out. So make sure your passion shines through in your resume, cover letter and any interviews you have with us. We want people passionate about doing work that matters!

3. Research Beforehand

More than likely, we have a lot more going on here at Ramsey Solutions than you realize. With more than 850 team members and 16 business units throughout the company, we are reaching out to different audiences with our message of hope. Use that knowledge in the interview, and surprise us with what you know!

4. Be Purposeful in How You Apply

Don’t use the shotgun approach, simply applying for every job that sounds fun. Visit our Careers page and be intentional about applying to the opportunity that meets your skill set and passion. When we see someone who’s applied for 10 different jobs with us at one time, it seems desperate. We want passionate people, not desperate people.  

5. Get to Know Someone Who Works Here

The large majority of our hires come from internal referrals. As Dave likes to say, “Rock stars hang out with rock stars,” so use your referral network.

6. Be Patient

Our interview process contains six stages. We like to get to know our potential team members to make sure they are the absolute right fit. It’s not uncommon for the process to take a couple of months, if not longer, from application to hire date. So if you apply, you need to go ahead and understand it’s going to take a while. But if we think you’re a promising candidate, you can be certain we’ll get in touch with you.

Dave’s team will continue to grow in the years ahead, and we’ll be looking for top talent who have a shared passion for providing hope to people.

If that sounds like you, check out our Careers page. Maybe this could be the year you join Dave’s team!

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