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Grow A Generation That Gives

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When it comes to watching kids in church, you’ve got the best seat in the house. From the pulpit, you can see little ones wrestling, drawing, sleeping, worshipping and giving their hearts to Jesus.

You’ve probably even seen parents hand cash to their kids and heard squeals of excitement as money is dropped in the offering bucket. Yes, you get to witness some sweet and tender moments.

But these kids grow up. And many of them, despite the fun of donating mom and dad’s money, don’t become givers. For their sake and yours, we want this to change. That’s why we created a brand-new Bible study for kids called Junior’s Adventures Bible Study.

Don’t Forget About the Kids


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When we talk about redefining stewardship, we often place emphasis on the fact that stewardship is about more than money. And it is. God calls us to manage all of His blessings for His glory.

It’s tough to be a good steward, though, if not everyone in the house is on board. We know it’s key for couples to talk about—and agree on—money. But what about the kids?

Money Teaches Kids About Life

Through the lens of money, kids can better understand the concepts of ownership, work, giving, saving, spending and contentment. Just take a moment and read over that list again.

If the kids in your church can fully grasp what it means to be content with their life, no matter what . . . If they truly understand that God owns everything, then proper working, giving, saving and spending will fall into place.

You see, we witness a disservice when kids place money in the offering plate that they received only seconds earlier. Our kids might assume that work is unnecessary and giving is a fun game to play at church.

Money can teach our kids so much—but we have to connect the dots.

Connecting the Dots

That’s what Junior’s Adventures Bible Study is all about!

With fun stories and engaging activities, kids can learn about the why behind how God calls us to handle our money. We tackle the principles mentioned above—ownership, work, giving, saving, spending and contentment—in a relatable and applicable way.

Junior’s Adventure Bible Study lasts six weeks with add-on options for use in childcare alongside The Legacy Journey or Financial Peace University (FPU).

Each week, kids will listen to an exciting story, participate in group games and individual projects, and go home with a fun task that the whole family can complete together. Every activity is specifically designed to help kids gain independence and knowledge as it relates to money.

A Generation that Gives

Our hope is that by the end of the class, the lessons learned will be obvious at the offering plate.

We want to see kids work to earn money, save and spend it wisely, and open up their own wallets or purses to give.

Join us in this mission. Take a sneak peek at the first lesson online!

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