Give Praise: Bring Out Your EntreLeader

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Dave has worked hard to create a thriving corporate culture that enables communication and affirms positive recognition. Team members are invested in each others projects and goals and are quick to give praise where its due. Dave and his leadership team recognize a job well done.

Web team member Jon Wolski was recently recognized by Dave in a company staff meeting and had this to say about it:


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When Dave remarks about having increased confidence in my team, it makes me stay up on my game. I was doing a good job, but now I need to do a great job because I know its what he expects. I work harder after being recognized because people look up to me as an example.

Dave believes that you, as the EntreLeader, set the example for your team. Your team members will do what you do, so dont expect them to be inspired when youre not!

Dave teaches that people are motivated by, starved for and long for:

  • Acceptance
  • Approval
  • Appreciation
  • Attention
  • Affection

This week, make it your goal to go out of your way to affirm your team members or co-workers with a positive message. Send a thank-you note, give someone a handshake or a pat on the back, and be quick to praise a job well done!

Learn more about helping your team members thrive personally and professionally at EntreLeadership, Dave Ramsey's ultimate business conference.

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