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Personal Development

Gifts of Christmas Future

3 Minute Read

Most of us love to reminisce about past Christmas gifts, don’t we? There was that time you spent two hours in line for a $30 Elmo doll. And that other time when you bought a “brand-new” Nintendo Wii from a stranger with a mustache in the mall parking lot.

Oh what fun!

But one thing we never talk about is the gifts of Christmas future. Sure, we can’t predict the future, but we can at least have some fun and guess what the “it” gifts might look like in 20 years or so.

Can you imagine owning one of these hot Christmas gifts in 20 years?   

Cash-dispensing tablets.

What if the iPad 15 could dispense cash? But only if you have the green in your account, of course. Imagine having your own portable ATM that can kick out a fresh, clean, non-counterfeited $20 whenever you need it. Wait a minute, you say, you can’t just print out money like that. Why not? The government does it all the time!

Teleporting stations in your home.

Harry Potter was on to something. Do you know how much money we could all save on plane tickets and gas and cars if we could simply hop in a fireplace and teleport across the world?

Holographic Dave Ramsey.

Imagine a holographic Dave Ramsey over your shoulder while facing tough financial decisions in your life. “Why haven’t you chopped up that credit card yet?” he asks you at the mall. “Are you really considering a car payment?” he asks as you pull into the used car lot. The holographic Dave Ramsey could even have an alarm clock function—instead of ringing, Dave’s voice will wake you up with, “You’re better than you deserve! Now get up!”

Cars with built-in debt meters.

We like to imagine a world where people don’t take loans out on cars because they know a new car’s value drops like a rock the minute you buy it. So what if, in a future world built on cash-only values, all cars have a debt meter built into the dashboard right next to the speedometer and tachometer? For instance, Joe loves your new Mercedes, but he might not think you’re so cool when he sees your debt meter sitting at $45,000. The really cool people of the future drive that Mercedes off the lot with the debt meter at zero.

Overdraft-sensitive checkbooks.

Okay, so nobody will be writing checks in the future, but just in case, imagine checks that cannot be written on when your account is in a negative balance. Your debit card doesn’t work, so why can’t your checkbook shake its head at you too? In the future, maybe it will.

Are we way off base here? What do you imagine as the gifts of the future?

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