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Get Started Giving!

Giving is one of the most important and rewarding parts of your Total Money Makeover. Once you are completely debt-free, you have that much more money to spend, invest and give. Just remember that money given produces more joy than it could ever buy.

Whatever you make, set aside 10% to give to those less fortunate than you. If you cannot live off 90% of what you make, what makes you think you can live off 100%?

However, when you are on the earlier Baby Steps and just getting your budget established, money to give may seem hard to come by. That is why you should find creative ways to give. You can give of your time, your knowledge or your services to help other people.

Ways to Give

There are plenty of opportunities to volunteer at a soup kitchen or charity. You can help that single mom down the street by offering to babysit her children while she goes to night school or takes an evening to herself. You can also cook dinner for someone in your church who has lost a loved one.

A person is so encouraged when he or she sees someone else being kind to them. As you learn new ways to give, you will find that money is just another way to give. The real giving comes from you. Pile up money and give away money, but don't forget from where the real spirit of giving comes.

Each person you give to produces a new story and a new thrill. It is a feeling that never grows dull. Having fun with money is good, but you will tire of golf and travel, and if you eat enough lobster, it tastes like soap. Investing money is good, but going around the Monopoly board eventually loses its appeal once you've hit your investing goals.

You Will Be Fulfilled

The more you give, the more you are fulfilled and the more you want to give. It's a great cycle to be on. Giving is not a matter of moving money from your wallet to a charity or collection plate; it is a matter of realizing that there are others less fortunate than you and you have a genuine desire to help them. Money is just one way to do that.

By helping someone, you give them encouragement, hope and relief. The more people you help, the more joy you will experience.

Learn more about providing Financial Peace University to others through nonprofit organizations in your community.

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