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Investing & Retirement

Three Principles Gary & Becky Used to Become Millionaires

2 Minute Read

Gary and Becky didn’t become millionaires overnight.

“We didn’t win the lottery,” Gary says. “We didn’t hit it big in the stock market. We haven’t inherited any money.” Instead, they took a common-sense approach to saving and are now able to live like no one else.

One of their keys to success was making a budget and sticking to it. With Becky as a stay-at-home mom, they needed to find a way to pay the bills and feed the kids on just one income.

Gary and Becky’s plan worked because they were in it together. They both wanted to build enough wealth to give generously and still have fun, so they set financial goals and made saving a priority.

“Don’t be enticed by what the world says you need to have,” Gary explains. Although they had to make a few sacrifices, they knew it would all pay off down the line.

Today, Gary and Becky want the world to know it doesn’t take magic to become a millionaire.

“Anybody can achieve what we have,” Gary says. “Stick to the plan—over time it’s going to pay off.”

The couple attributes their financial success to three simple principles. Watch their story to see how you can follow their lead and apply these ideas to your own life.

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Gary and Becky are making the most of their retirement. To learn how you can do the same, tune in to Chris Hogan’s Retire Inspired Podcast with new episodes every week.

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