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From compulsive shopper to coupon queen

By Thrifty shopper

My husband and I read the Total Money Makeover after getting married in January 2009. We both brought in debt from our first marriages and were committed to changing our bad habits...we made drastic changes to our lifestyle but didn't get gazelle intense until July. I still bought more clothes than I needed and I always spent more on groceries even though I planned meals and shopped with a list.

Then I discovered couponing and my shopping energy was re-directed in a BIG way. My grocery/dining out receipts totaled $825.68 in November my total was down to $200.73 and my pantry is over-filled. I have 19 tubes of toothpaste that were all free. I'm so obsessed with maximizing the amount I save that I don't want to spend money on clothes anymore. I was also spending $29/month renting cable boxes for cable ready tv's...I did lose some channels but I'm saving $348/year (that's a tax bill).

I'm happy to say that I'm under budget and on my way to being debt free.