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Personal Development

Friday Financial Fails: Spending All Your Time Dreaming

2 Minute Read

Goals are dreams with work boots on.

That’s a little saying we have around Dave’s office. It reminds us that, to accomplish our dreams, we have to work—and work hard!

There’s nothing wrong with being a dreamer. But there is something wrong with being a dreamer who only dreams.  

In other words, to reach your dreams, you’ve got to get out and get stuff done.

Your dream is just your starting point.

It’s the book idea you have. It’s the small business you want to start one day. It’s the marathon you want to run. It’s the dream of paying off the mortgage.

How do you plan to reach those dreams? Sure, we all know that you don’t just walk out and run a marathon without training for it. But sometimes, we act like all we have to do is simply say, “I want to run a marathon!” and that’s all it takes.

We talk about our dreams, and we imagine what it would be like to achieve those dreams, but we never take the steps to actually make them happen.

That’s where goal setting comes in.

Your goals are the bridge between your dreams and your accomplishments. If you don’t set goals to achieve your dreams, then you’ll never reach your potential.

You’ll be one of those “dreamers” who could’ve accomplished so much but who’s still living in mom’s basement at 35 years old.

Dreaming will only get you so far.

Get stuff done in 2014 by putting your work boots on and turning those dreams into goals. It’s great to be a dreamer, but it’s even better to be a doer.

What is your top money goal for this year? What are you doing to make it a reality? Let everyone know by leaving a comment below.

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