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Free Outline: Saving for Harvest and Famine

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Wise people save money. Scripture tells us that.

Yet statistically, seven out of 10 people on every row of your congregation are living paycheck to paycheck. If they missed a single paycheck, bills would go unpaid! And most individuals and families would not be prepared to cover a $5,000 emergency.


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It may not seem like your people are struggling because they have a lot of stuff. But often their Sunday smiles are hiding the stress and anxiety they feel about money.

Of course, people don’t seek out the opportunity to be unwise most of the time, so where is the breakdown?

In a society of instant gratification, saving is weird. But like Dave says, “Being normal is being broke.” And we’re called to stand out! It’s time to bring our people back to God and grandma’s ways of handling money, and that includes saving for a rainy day.

Based on the text of Genesis 41, Saving for Harvest and Famine breaks down why saving money is part of being a good steward. It also explores why most people don’t have money in the bank and why God calls us to prepare for the future.

Check out this free speaking outline for ideas on relating this important message to your people. Feel free to use it as-is or tailor it to your speaking style. Whatever you do, please challenge your people to be wise savers in a world that tells us to buy it now. You might be surprised at how refreshing a challenge like this will be for your people!

Take Me to the Free Outline: Saving for Harvest and Famine.

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