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3 Minute Read

Fun Date Ideas for Valentine's Day

3 Minute Read

Valentine’s Day is almost here.

Across the nation, men everywhere are scrambling for ideas. Will it be flowers and chocolate or dinner and a movie?

Let’s face it, fellas. If you’ve been in a relationship for any amount of time, creative and cheap date ideas can be hard to come by. And with January now in the rearview mirror, it may seem easy to forget about that New Year’s resolution to tighten up the budget.

But this Valentine’s Day, you don’t have to break the bank to create memories and have a good time. Here are five ideas to get your wheels turning:

Dinner and a Movie … The Remix

Okay, we know, dinner and a movie is so cliché. But what about a candlelit home-cooked meal and a romantic rental movie? You don’t have to buy filet mignon and lobster. You can get great deals on chicken, pork and certain types of fish. Pair it up with a little pasta, and you’re ready to treat your significant other to an unforgettable evening!

The Open Road

Just get in the car with your special lady friend and drive! You might spend a little on gas, but you’ll create some lasting memories as you travel to a town you have never visited or a famous landmark. You could also revisit the special places around town where you’ve created fun memories and take pictures together.

Game Night

Who doesn’t love a good board game? Find a few classic board games, invite some friends over, and make a night of it. Or, if you have a Wii, then you have even more options—bowling, Rock Band and Mario Kart to name a few. Having some Valentine’s-themed food on hand will add to the fun—red-velvet cupcakes and heart-shaped candy are always crowd pleasers.

Night at the Museum

Two tickets to a local museum usually aren’t too expensive. Learn a little about art or history—and each other! Combine this idea with your home-cooked dinner and a movie or game night, and you’ll have a full day of fun.

Take A Hike

Pack a lunch, grab a few water bottles, and hit the trail. You’ll be amazed at the quality of conversation you can have with someone while you are hiking up a mountain or through a trail in the woods. After all, it is Valentine’s Day, so why not get your heart in shape?

You can come up with plenty of cheap date ideas on your own. Just follow your passions (don’t do something just because it’s cheap), and think outside the box (of chocolates).

And, remember, the memories will last a lot longer than the gourmet chocolate and expensive roses. Keep that in mind as you are planning your Valentine’s Day date and other dates throughout the year!

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