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Should You Use Coupons on a First Date?

This is the story of Brad’s first date with Jenny.

Brad’s a nice guy. He lives in a nice apartment on a nice street. Brad even drives a nice car.

One day, Brad asks Jenny on a date. Jenny’s a nice girl, and she says yes.

On the evening of the date, Brad promptly arrives at Jenny’s house at 6:30. Jenny gets in Brad’s nice car. He smiles. She smiles.

Both Brad and Jenny are happy. What a nice date, they both think.

Brad and Jenny go to a nice dinner and eat nice food. They laugh. They drink. They eat.

After their nice dinner, Brad reaches into his back pocket and pulls out a folded-up sheet of paper.

“I have a coupon here for a free dessert with the purchase of two entrées of $12 or more,” Brad says to the server.

“Of course,” the server responds. “I’ll bring the dessert menu.”

Brad sits back down. He smiles at Jenny. “I’ve been dying to use that coupon! It expires on Tuesday!” he says.

Jenny smiles. She says …

* *

So what does Jenny say?

That’s where you come in!

The question is simply: Is it okay to use a coupon on a first date?

When we asked this question on Dave Ramsey’s Facebook page, we received thousands of comments from both sides of the fence.

For instance:

Absolutely! If they don't appreciate it or are offended by it, you don't need to spend your life with that person ... and isn't that what dating is all about?” —Valerie

“What's the cost benefit? I would say no, saving a little vs. sending a message you may not need or want to send on the first date.” —Joyce

“I'll be honest—in my early 20s, I would have thought that a man paying with a coupon was 'cheap.'[...] Now, I would kiss a man smart enough and intelligent enough TO USE a coupon. He probably has more money in the bank than the first guy.” —Gaylyn

“I'm as frugal as they come, but do not, do not, do NOT use a coupon on the first date. It kind of sends the message, 'I don't really want to put a lot into this date, just in case it doesn't work out.’” —Mindy

“My husband did! I thought it was great, and we've been married eight years now!” —C.F.

“No! Because the man is jeopardizing his chances of a second date. A woman wants to know they are worth the money and time you are spending with them. Once the relationship is established, then go for it and she'll see you as wise and not cheap. At the stage of a first date, it’s taken very personal to a woman.” —Misty

If you thought gun control and capital punishment were hot topics, then you’ve never been a part of a roundtable discussion on first-date coupons.

But now’s your chance to weigh in!

How would you have responded if you were Jenny and Brad pulled out a coupon on the first date?

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