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Meet EveryDollar: A Faster, Easier Way to Budget (for Free!)

3 Minute Read

We believe budgeting should be easy and—dare we say it—fun!

That’s why we came up with EveryDollar, Dave’s brand-new online budget tool. Oh, and did we mention it’s free? And you don’t have to be a tech geek to use it!

EveryDollar is a far cry from a complicated spreadsheet, double-entry accounting package or automated bank connection expense tracker. Just thinking about those three can give you a headache.

The EveryDollar budget tool is a simple, personalized way to give every dollar you earn a name, every month. After you create your first EveryDollar budget, you’ll be able to track and see all of your transactions against your EveryDollar budget. No really—that’s it! Believe it or not, it’s even easier than using pen and paper because you don’t have to physically rewrite your budget each month. That’s using the old noggin!

Ready to give it a whirl? Here are a few frequently asked questions about EveryDollar.

What Exactly Can I Do With EveryDollar?

With EveryDollar, you can:

  • Create monthly budgets where every dollar has a name. This is the best way for you to tell your money where to go.

  • Add and split transactions from your desktop or iPhone in a jiffy. A stop at the store around the corner could be for a number of things—not just groceries.

  • Quickly see how your EveryDollar budget is aligning with your spending behavior and make budgeting or behavior adjustments as needed. (Maybe that BOGO shoe sale was not such a great deal after all.)

  • Track your progress through Dave’s Baby Steps that have already helped millions beat debt and build wealth. You can work your way through the Baby Steps right inside EveryDollar.

  • Create funds to meet your savings goals. You might want to save up for a summer vacation or car repair. EveryDollar gives you the ability to make it happen.

And we’ll even connect you with local experts who can help discover hidden money in your budget. Sweet!

What About Syncing Across Devices?

EveryDollar makes it easy to know where you’re at with your money—even on the go. With the EveryDollar iPhone companion app, you can conveniently access your budget to track expenses any time, any place.

Not only is your budget in sync across devices, but it also keeps your relationships in sync. You and your spouse can access and update the same EveryDollar budget. This should translate to less money fights and more fun date nights!

Who Is Behind E$?

EveryDollar has got your back. We have a world-class support team to protect, guide and advise you every step of the way. That means real people are working behind the scenes to make sure your EveryDollar experience is as smooth as your favorite jar of peanut butter.

Plus, your data is safe with bank-level security in the cloud.

Focus your money on what matters again with EveryDollar. A budget’s good. But a good budget is even better.

Learn to Budget Like a Pro

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Life Happens. Get Your Money Ready.

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Life Happens. Get Your Money Ready.

You just need the right tool—the free EveryDollar budgeting app.

You just need the right tool—the free EveryDollar budgeting app.

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