EntreLeader Spotlight: Tabetha Franklin

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EntreLeadership is not just a theory. Thousands of business owners and leaders are using Dave’s principles every day to take their companies and team members to heights they never imagined. In the EntreLeadership Spotlight series, we’ll be highlighting some of these great leaders and learning about their dreams, motivation and secrets to success.

Tabetha Franklin is the owner of Main Dish Studio Kitchen in Beaumont, Texas. Main Dish is an easy-meal prep kitchen and has been serving Southeast Texas with prepared meals since 2006. We asked her about making the tough calls at her company.

For more tips on decision making, listen to the latest EntreLeadership Podcast, which features a lesson from Dave and a special interview with best-selling business author Jim Collins.


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My Mentor

Many people have helped shape me. One of my most memorable mentors is Laurie Ritchel. She was an executive vice president at a company where I worked. I was inspired that a woman could reach a level of leadership in corporate America and still be a wife and mother. She taught me so much about leadership and career growth. I really don't think I would have the courage to be a business owner if I hadn't been mentored by her.

My Inspiration

It comes from my children. I really think being an entrepreneur is a blessing. It is a great way to show my kids that they can be in control of their destinies. They get to see that success is achieved with hard work, perseverance and some sacrifice. Nothing is given—you have to go get it.

The Toughest Call

Leaving my corporate job and following my dream to become an entrepreneur with no guaranteed paycheck was probably the hardest, scariest decision I’ve ever made.

Lesson Learned

I think when our business started growing and I was adding staff, I made some hasty decisions to get warm bodies in quickly to handle the work. It caused so many headaches. There was gossip, animosity, low productivity … You name it, we had it! I learned it’s best to WAIT on the right person. Since then, I’ve found some true gems.

My Rock

My husband is my biggest ally, and he is the one I turn to when I need to make a tough call. He doesn't work in my business so he has a non-biased perspective. He helps me emotionally disconnect from the decision and look at it more rationally. I think for many of us, our businesses are like our babies. Sometimes it’s hard to do what we need to do instead of what we want to do.

The Secret of My Success

As Dave teaches at EntreLeadership Master Series, being passionate about what you are doing is key. You have to believe in your business and what it offers to people. For us, we help our customers reconnect over a family meal, which is hard to do in today's environment. We also give people peace of mind. They have less stress because meal planning is done. The added benefit is that they save money on food by using prepared meals. We are making a difference for people, so our team feels like their work matters. For me, it’s also about work ethic. You can’t be successful without continually working to see it through.

For more tips on decision making, listen to the latest EntreLeadership Podcast, which features a lesson from Dave and a special interview with best-selling business author Jim Collins

In 20 years, Dave has grown his company to a national winning brand with more than 300 team members who have impacted millions of lives. His company has been named one of the “Best Places to Work in Nashville” four years in a row. EntreLeadership is how he’s done it and how you can do it too. Get your copy of the new book now!

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