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ELP Spotlight: Mark Dimas

2 Minute Read

Mark Dimas
Real Estate ELP
The Professional Group Realty

Mark Dimas knows the meaning of persistence and patience. The Texas native applied to be an Endorsed Local Provider (ELP) in 2008, but he wasn't accepted into the program until late 2010. Once he joined the ELP program, he hit the ground running. From day one, Mark's consistently been among the top agents in the program. His great attitude, attention to detail, and willingness to listen and learn from others has landed him high praise from both colleagues and clients.

"Mark is an agent who comes from a service mindset as opposed to a sales mindset," Mark's ELP advisor, Lisa Case, explained. "Mark truly exemplifies the heart of teacher. Whether it's helping our leads better understand the process of buying or selling a home or helping another ELP understand how to better convert our leads, Mark is always about the person and helping them achieve their goals."

Mark's ELP referrals make up about 15% of his overall business, which he really appreciates. "The leads are high quality, and they're great people to work with. Most of the buyers are debt-free, have their down payment saved, and respect the need to use a real estate agent. The sellers are motivated, take our advice, and understand the worth of an ELP."

His team's performance is reflected in the hundreds of reviews from past clients on his local MLS. But Mark says agents can get even more valuable information from the clients they lose. "Ask them why they chose the other agent and how you could have presented better," Mark advised. "Tell them you are trying to improve and would like their advice. You'd be surprised at how accommodating they will be!"

The value of perseverance is one key takeaway Mark's gotten in his ELP training program sessions with Monica Reynolds. "You have to follow up, follow up, and follow up! Most of our closings are from year-old leads."

Mark’s persistence and service mindset have made him an extraordinarily successful ELP. Interested in what it takes to be a Real Estate ELP? Learn about the ELP program here.

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