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Investing & Retirement

ELP Spotlight: Jeff Dobyns

2 Minute Read

Jeff Dobyns
Investing ELP
Southwestern Investment Group

Jeff Dobyns is one of the originals. He’s been an Endorsed Local Provider (ELP) for 12 years, but his ties with Dave’s financial peace message go back further than that. “I was a fan of Dave’s before I even got into the financial planning business. His fundamentals on saving always hit home with me and have made a huge impact on my career and the advice I give my clients,” Jeff explains.

Being associated with a trusted name like Dave’s has proved invaluable for Jeff and his team at Southwestern Investment Group. “These referrals share our core values. And when they tell their friends and family about us, they always seem to mention that we’re associated with Dave Ramsey, which goes a long way!”

As the local ELP in the greater Nashville area (Southwestern’s office is just around the corner from Ramsey Solutions), Jeff knows how important it is to go the extra mile with customer service. “I don't take the endorsement lightly. It’s an honor to be Dave’s ELP in his hometown, and it’s led to significant business growth as well as team growth."

Jeff focuses on comprehensive financial planning to help people achieve their goals. “ELP referrals have a long-term perspective. They're not looking for get-rich-quick schemes or trying to time the investment markets. They’re simply looking for the same solid advice they hear Dave give on the radio.”

The importance of earning the Certified Financial Planner designation is something Jeff can't stress enough. “It's the ultimate designation in our industry, and you'll learn a tremendous amount about comprehensive financial planning you can immediately put into practice. We’ve had advisors complete the whole process in less than a year!”

Jeff embodies what an ELP stands for by serving his clients with the heart of a teacher, delivering exceptional service, and simply being among the best at what he does. We’re always looking for more top-notch professionals like Jeff to join us and help serve our fans and followers. Learn more about what it takes to become an ELP.

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