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Getting out of Debt

Making Sacrifices in a Society That Just Doesn't Get It

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When Dustin and Sarah were planning their wedding, they knew they would soon be combining everything—including their credit card debt, student loans, and car payments. When the topic of finances came up in premarital counseling, Dustin knew who to get guidance from. He grew up listening to The Dave Ramsey Show with his dad, and realized he and Sarah needed to follow Dave’s principles to become debt-free.

After they got married, Sarah was offered a job in San Francisco. They decided if they were going to move there, they had to get their finances in order and get serious about becoming debt-free. They wrote down all their debts on a piece of paper and had their goal in sight.

"Then EveryDollar came out, and that changed our course," Sarah said. Each time Dustin and Sarah spent money, they were highly aware of how much was left in their budget. They both had the EveryDollar app on their phones so they could both stay in the loop with their budget.

Watch Dustin and Sarah’s turning point story.

Still, they never let their budget cuts hold them back from enjoying life. Dustin and Sarah traded budget busters like concerts, eating out, and going to the movies for hiking the great outdoors. Although they had to increase their gas budget, their outdoor activities were nearly free!

More than 5 million have beaten debt this way. You can too!

"After a few months, some of the sacrifices we made to our budget, truthfully, we didn’t even notice," David said.

Sticking to a bare-bones budget finally paid off when they knocked out $50,000 in debt! And it only took them 22 months! So what was their secret?

"You have to rely on each other," Sarah said. "You have to make these sacrifices that, in our society, we aren’t used to making."

People like you are becoming debt-free every day! For more of their encouraging stories, keep watching The Dave Ramsey Show!

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