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Getting out of Debt

Reaching the Dream in Her Husband's Memory

2 Minute Read

“It all started back in 2006 when Jay and I first got married,” Lauren said.

Jay was pursuing an MBA at Winthrop University in South Carolina. It was there the newlyweds noticed a banner on campus that read, “Normal is broke. Be weird.” They were curious, so they did a little research and discovered Dave’s debt-free principles.

“We had an overall goal of wanting to live and give like no one else,” remembered Lauren.

Having that goal in mind kept them disciplined as they began working the Baby Steps together. When Jay was diagnosed with a brain tumor just one and a half years into their marriage, they had already built up their $1,000 emergency fund.

“We were so glad that when that diagnosis came and the medical bills started rolling in, we were able to use that emergency fund,” Lauren said.

While battling cancer, Jay’s motivation shifted. He wanted to leave a debt-free legacy for Lauren. And when he passed in April of 2013, they only had $11,000 left to pay off their mortgage.

“God is good,” Lauren said. “His provisions never fail.”

In August of 2013, just four months later, Lauren honored Jay’s life and legacy by paying off the house. Jay and Lauren paid off $105,000 in less than four years during the most heartbreaking circumstances.

Watch more of Jay and Lauren’s incredible story below. It’s a debt-free journey that nearly left Dave speechless.

Want more inspiring stories? Watch or listen to The Dave Ramsey Show to stay motivated and reach your money goals!

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