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Relationships & Money

Dr. Meg Meeker on Parenting

3 Minute Read

Two of the most important things we talk about are parenting and money. A lot of times they go hand in hand, don’t they?

Recently, personal money management expert Dave Ramsey hosted Dr. Meg Meeker on The Dave Ramsey Show. Dr. Meeker is one of the country’s leading authorities on parenting, teens and children’s health.

Dave chatted with her about parenting and her role in our upcoming Smart Conference.

Here are a few highlights from the interview. Go here to see the full video interview.

Dave: Hey Dr. Meeker! How are you?

Meg Meeker: I’m so well, Dave. And I’m so excited about this conference as well. I wish we were going to do it next week. I’m just so excited.

Dave: Well I’m excited for our folks to get to hear you in person. They’ve heard you on the air many times as my guest. Since I read Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters five years ago, I’ve given away thousands of copies of that book.

Meg Meeker: That’s really my heart. My heart is to encourage and help these younger people. Because you know it’s different than when we raised our kids. I don’t know about you, but my kids didn’t have cell phones in grade school, junior high school and high school or the electronics and the messages that these kids are bombarded with. So I’m convinced the work that I started 15 years ago is increasing in importance.

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When we’re at the Smart Conference, I’m really going to hit the role of dads pretty hard, not in a negative way. But from the standpoint of “Here’s who you are, and here’s how you need to understand who you are from your kids’ perspective.” Because when you can open a dad’s eyes to the enormity of his presence in the home, his whole world will change, his life will change, and his parenting will change.

Dave: You’ve got some pretty important things to say to moms as well, don’t you?

Meg Meeker: One of the things I’ve noticed over the past 10 years is that mothers are wound pretty tightly, and I always say that many mothers are living on the “crazy train.”

They’re going faster and faster, hauling their kids around, buying more stuff, worrying about more stuff. They’re living with a sense of angst that’s robbing a lot of the joy out of their lives, and there’s no need for it because it doesn’t help the kids.

So I try and help them simplify and figure out why they’re living this crazy, out-of-control life and pull back and start to do some things for themselves, their kids, their families that are really meaningful and that will make their home a nicer place for everybody to be.

What are some of the most important truths you need to know as a mother or father? Dr. Meeker discusses this and the influence of culture on today’s parents. Watch the entire interview now.