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Our government has never met a loan it didn’t like.

But it’s not just our government that loves debt. Here in America—the land of the free—way too many people are shackled by debt and up to their eyeballs in stuff they can’t afford. A “normal” family has several credit cards, a couple of student loans, and one or two ridiculous car payments.

Yet every week, Dave takes calls from people all over the country who are experiencing their own Independence Day: They’ve paid off that last student loan and kicked Sallie Mae out of the house, or they’ve sent their last payment to American Excess. Some of them have even made their last mortgage payment!


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At some point in time, all of these people decided that they had enough. Something inside them clicked. Maybe they even got angry about their situation. They realized that they had put themselves in this mess of debt, and it was up to them to get out.

The foundation of Dave’s plan is personal responsibility. In other words, getting out of debt is a choice you make. It’s all up to you!

You’re not going to win the lottery. Your rich cousin isn’t going to save the day. And Uncle Sam has enough debt of his own to worry about bailing you out of your loans—even though he might try. You’ll only get out of debt by leaving your cave, rolling up your sleeves, killing something, and dragging it home. There’s no magic pill.

Sure, some people are going to sit back and wait on the government to clean up their mess. But all most people want is an opportunity and an even playing field—and they deserve that. Everyone deserves an environment where they have a fair shot.

Isn’t personal responsibility what made this country so great? The early settlers didn’t sit around and wait for their situation in England to get better. Instead, they packed up their belongings and headed to the land we now know as America.

The Founding Fathers didn’t just sit under the thumb of English rule. They got together, made a plan, and established the great country we live in today.

So how do you get out of debt? You get sick and tired of being sick and tired! You make an intentional plan and you stick to it. Instead of waiting until January to make your New Year’s resolution, why not make this Independence Day the day you follow a plan to declare your freedom from debt?

It doesn't have to take an act of Congress for you to get out of debt. Almost everything in Dave's store is 50% off right now!

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