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Christmastime brings joy and cheer. But sometimes, Christmas shopping doesn’t. The combination of traffic and crazy shoppers is just enough to slap the holly jolly right out of your Christmas.

What in the world do you buy for everyone on your list? And how do you do it without busting your budget? With all the options these days, there are almost too many gift ideas out there to pick from. It’s like an annual challenge!

Cue the Christmas bells, because we’ve made both shopping and coming up with gift ideas easier for you this year. Our little merry Christmas gift guide from our online store will help you find the right gift for even the trickiest person on your list—naughty or nice.

Gift Ideas for Everyone on Your List

For Newlyweds

They just got plates, silverware and monogrammed bath towels. Now that the honeymoon is over, what they really need is to be on the same page with their money. This is important for every married couple, especially newlyweds!

One great gift idea for them is a Financial Peace University membership. They can join a local class with other people AND access the online experience for an entire year. Another gift option for the couple could be to reserve seats for them at one of our Smart Money or Money & Marriage live events in 2018. Talk about a memorable date night worth investing in!

Bonus idea: Help the happy couple commemorate their first Christmas of newlywed-bliss with a festive ornament. You could even go the DIY route and make a personalized ornament for just a few bucks.

For New Parents

Their new baby is so adorable—and so time-consuming! Mom and dad don’t have all the time in the world to read anymore, so they’re learning to make the most of the time they do have.

You can’t give them more sleep, but you can give them a Smart Money Smart Kids membership. Dave and his daughter Rachel Cruze teach easy-to-follow lessons that are designed to work with any schedule! Get them the materials and let the sleep-deprived parents choose the class experience that works best for them.

And if you think they might only be able to make time for reading once the baby naps, just grab them the Smart Money Smart Kids book!

Bonus idea: Consider opening a savings account in their baby’s name. That would be a great jump-start for college!

For the Person Who May Need a Little Help

Maybe they have every gadget and gizmo under the sun. We bet they don’t have this! Get The Starter Special and help them start Dave’s plan with his #1 product bundle. It includes some great getting-out-of-debt staples like The Total Money Makeover, The EveryDollar Guide to Budgeting PDF, the Dumping Debt DVD, and more! It’s the perfect way to learn how to be smart with money.

Bonus idea: Stick $10 or $20 inside The Total Money Makeover for a pleasant surprise when they start reading the book! You never know—that cash bookmark might just be the help they need to get their debt snowball rolling.

For the Friend Who Wants to Turn Their Dream Into a Reality

Does your best buddy always talk about how they want to start their own business but have no idea where to begin? Maybe it’s time for you to encourage them to stop putting it off and start today! Christy Wright’s Business Boutique book is what every entrepreneur needs to help get their business up and running.

Bonus idea: Show them how much you believe in their dream and have some business cards printed up for them! If you don’t know all their business details, just get them a gift card to a website like Moo.com so they can design them on their own.

For the Person Who Has Everything

We know, subscription services are everywhere these days. You like clothes? There’s a subscription for that. Want to be a fancy chef in the kitchen? There’s a subscription service for that too.

But this one is different—it’s a year-long book club filled with 12 books Dave personally recommends. They’ll receive a new book and interactive study guide each month, exclusive Facebook Live discussions with each author, and access to a private Facebook community so they can dive deeper into the content and talk about the book.

Our Ramsey Book Club is a great way to invest in someone’s life. It can help them become a better leader, a better parent, a better spouse, and a better person.

Bonus idea: Give them the gift of an experience! Look for something involving a hobby they love or something they’ve always wanted to do. It could be anything, just make it memorable and fun!

For the Person Who Tells You Not to Get Them Anything

We all have this one on our lists. They tell you not to get them anything, but they’re disappointed when you don’t. It’s a trap! We have two ways for you to avoid it. Get them Dave Ramsey’s Complete Guide to Money. This is the official handbook of Financial Peace University. It offers money wisdom on everything from dumping debt to the importance of saving.

Or, consider getting them the Starter Envelope System. It’s the perfect way to help them control what they spend on a daily basis to create better money habits.

Bonus idea: If they really don’t want anything, you could always donate to their favorite charity in their name. You can’t go wrong there!

For the Business Leader With All the Ideas

He’s got a closet full of ties. She doesn’t need another scarf. How about getting them a copy of EntreLeadership, Dave’s #1 best seller on business? It talks about how to win in business based on 20 years in the trenches, and it’s how you can win in gift giving this year.

Bonus idea: If you’re feeling even more generous, take a look at our EntreLeadership Career Bundle. It’s essential reading for the leader in your life! It includes EntreLeadership, The Legend of the Monk and the Merchant by Terry Felber, Quitter by Jon Acuff, and Rhinoceros Success by Scott Alexander.

For Recent High School Graduates and New College Students

Get ready, the student in your life is heading out on their own! The real world can be a harsh one, and there are all kinds of risky spending opportunities calling their name. The Graduate’s Survival Guide book is presented in a fun and easy Q&A format, and will quickly become a trusted companion. No incoming college freshman should leave home without this gift.

And if you think they’re studious enough to make it through an extra class, get them our Generation Change Home Study! It will help them prepare for their future and discover their true path.

Bonus idea: You know what every young adult wants? Coffee. And lots of it. Why not give them a DIY coffee mug and put a gift card in it? Grab a plain mug and a sharpie, and get to drawing! Don’t forget to bake it in the oven too. You don’t want that beautiful masterpiece you drew to wipe right off.

For the Kids Who Have Every Toy

Don’t be Aunt and Uncle Scrooge this Christmas. Set your little niece or nephew up for a lifetime of success. Choose the Adventure Pack! This bundle includes Financial Peace Junior, a storytime book set, the smart saver bank, games, and more! They’ll have fun learning about money principles and values that help form a solid foundation for the rest of their lives.

Bonus idea: Take the kids to the dollar store and let them pick out a few toys to donate to kids in need. It’s never too early to instill a heart of generosity!

For Your Secret Santa or White Elephant Gift

You could re-gift last year’s unwanted gift collecting dust in your closet, OR you could bring something meaningful, like a gift from Dave’s Famous $10 Sale. If your gift swap has a higher price, check out our other options by using the Gift Finder tool in our online store. You probably won’t leave the party with something very nice, but at least you’ll know you were a blessing to somebody else!

Bonus idea: Print out a funny meme or inspirational quote and frame it. It’s an easy way to brighten someone’s day with a gift that isn’t last year’s artifacts.

There you go! We hope you found some practical, meaningful and affordable gift ideas for everyone on your list. Make your purchases then sit back and relax knowing someone will unwrap the gift of hope this season—one they’ll appreciate way more than another itchy sweater.

While a one-size-fits-all gift may not exist, a Financial Peace University membership comes pretty darn close. Whether you’re looking to pay off debt, save for now and the future, or build wealth—there’s something for everyone in Financial Peace University.

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