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Dave Talks About Goal Setting

Setting a true goal stretches you. It makes you reach for something that’s just beyond your reach. In order to make that goal happen, you have to grow. You become a better person in some aspect of life. You have to be deliberate and happen to it!

Hear Dave talk about setting goals!

Too many people just sorta have this, like, idea of what they wanna do, and they’ll kinda, like, get started on it on January 1. Wrong! That’s the wrong approach to have when you want to accomplish something. If you are about to take a test, you don’t skim over the lesson. You study and study and study.

Goals, whether they are for the new year or life in general, are not achieved by casually wandering into them. You can’t wander into success. You have to have a plan and attack your objective with tons of focus and hard work!

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Don’t rely on dumb luck to get you where you want to go. Even if luck gets you there, you can’t take pride in your destination, because you didn’t work to get there. When you do work, you stick your chest out and smile, because you did something.

This is your year. Do something! Get your goals set and make something happen!

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