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On March 9, 2009, the Dow Jones industrial average finished the day around 6,500—its lowest point since 1997. If you had money in the stock market a few years ago, you'll remember that it wasn't a happy time.

But during that time, Dave was going on as many media outlets as possible, telling people to not panic and not buy into the “The sky is falling!” Chicken Little paranoia out there. Last week, the Dow set a record high—meaning the market has made a full recovery from four years ago.


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With that in mind, Dave recently talked about the market’s recovery and the criticism he received back then—and even today—about “not understanding how finances work.” He discusses how important it is to have patience when you invest and that, yes, buying a mutual fund with 12% growth is as simple as buying a book off Amazon.

Listen to Dave take a look back at the last four years in the stock market.

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